Welcome to Villa Rouga on the impressive island of Crete

Close to Almyrida, Apokoronas, Chania, with the clear-blue waters and the calm winds, stands the hospitable home of Villa Rouga in its lofty stature as a harmonic architectural structure and a “landlady” ready to warmly receive its guests. Villa Rouga is located in Xirosterni village, one of the villages of “Kefalades”, Byzantium colonists sent to settle in Crete and let their chivalry take roots on the island. Villa Rouga is nearby a small square, where the villagers would gather to exchange their views; this is the neighbourhood of Rouga, a place combining inspiration, creation and tradition. Villa Rouga has been built with a tint of nobility to match its history. It is surrounded by authentic images, small beautiful villages, mountains, the sea, breathtaking views, beaches and pure nature. Here, the past and the future is a place to live in. A majestic house of three storeys and 320 square metres is there to host cosmopolitan travellers, including lovers of beauty and warm welcomes. A special living space, offering panoramic view to the Cretan sea and the majestic White Mountains, with a mild climate and a key location allowing the exploration of Western Crete, Villa Rouga opens doors to elegance, luxury, the value of personal care and the reputed Cretan hospitality. It is a villa with a soul. Enjoy!