A house to live in.

Located on a hill dominating the area, the villa resonates with the attention paid to detail infused by its creators, having been designed to serve as a summer house for demanding guests that seek a high aesthetic value. It is a modern residence built with natural raw materials and building techniques. The villa features stones in the colour of the earth they come from with tints of pink, gray and beige that “mellow down” contrasts.

Outdoor areas to loosen up.

The surroundings of Villa Rouga have been landscaped to offer luxurious but austere facilities and generous comfort to allow guests relax, rest and enjoy.

A well-designed garden.

Blending harmonically in with the landscape around it, the garden of the villa suits Mediterranean climates. A prickly pear tree dominates the space, complemented by pine trees, olive trees and many other kinds of plants and trees that naturally grow in this land. A traditional stone wall, a typical feature of Cretan architecture, surrounds and delineates the garden.

A perimeter overflow pool

Villa Rouga has been equipped with a 52 m2 pool with a sanitation system based on salt water (free of chlorine), friendly to the skin and eyes, with a deck level overflow system to give the impression that water flows directly from some natural spring.


Outdoor areas also include a barbeque and a traditional Cretan stone oven.